Let Us Help You Turn Your Written Dreams into Published Realities


You may have an idea that you think would make a great book, but you just aren’t sure how to get going on it. We can help you take that idea and begin shaping it into a book. Our book coaches can help you go from that light bulb in your head to a completed manuscript.


All books need to be edited to some degree, even if your daughter-in-law is really smart and talks like an English teacher, your book could benefit from a professional. We offer different types of editing, from developmental editing to line editing to proofreading. 

Formatting for Print & Ebooks

In today’s technologically advanced world, you may feel you lack the skills to format your book and get it ready for printing. We can take your manuscript and prepare it for publication both as a traditional book and an ebook.

Writing Help

Let’s say you have started on your book, but you got stuck. Or you don’t feel you are a very good writer, even though you know you have a good idea.  We can evaluate your manuscript and give you pointers for moving forward.

Cover Design

Often, the decision to purchase a book depends on little more than the cover. We can design a cover for you that fits the genre you are writing in, and is attractive and eye-catching.


We can take care of all of your printing needs, whether you want 10 copies for your family members or 2,500 copies to take with you on speaking engagements.


The piece that often proves hardest and most disappointing for authors is how to take that shiny new book and get it into the hands of readers. Members of our leadership team have experienced publishers who did little to promote our books, so we can relate to your disappointment when the book just sits there. Let us help you promote it!