After facing a great adversity in his life, Michael Mason found himself in need of the faithfulness of God – the same faithfulness he had preached about for 35 years. In his book “Faithful” he tells of all he learned about God’s faithfulness during his time of need.


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God is faithful . . .  we hear those words, believe them, even use them to encourage others. But have we ever really experienced God’s faithfulness? Have we been in a place where we needed His grace in order to move through the valley we found ourselves in—or to even survive another day?  Michael Mason has, and he shares in this book what he has learned about God’s faithfulness, and about himself in the process:  

 For well over thirty-five years I have preached and encouraged folks to stand on God’s word and never give up.  In the midst of some real adversity I faced, I determined to practice what I had preached.  I made up my mind to stand on His promises regardless of the outcome.  In the midst of that determination, I found grace I never knew existed.  I began to trust the Lord in a way I had never trusted Him before.  The scriptures came alive to me with truth and hope.  My prayer life became a refuge from the storm.  I had preached about God’s faithfulness, but suddenly I was walking in the fullness of His favor.  It was an amazing journey!  I would never wish the adversity I faced on anyone.  But having gone through that valley, I can look back and see God’s hand guiding each step I took.  And while I certainly didn’t enjoy the experience, I am thankful for what I learned along the way. 

 I am living proof of God’s faithfulness.  By His power I have stood on His truth and walked in His favor.  I have found God to be as real as I ever preached, and yet more real than I ever imagined.  I have been faithful to Him because He has been faithful to me.

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